Distractions A Dream Killer – Talk About The Magic Ep. #161

Distractions may not seem harmful but actually, have the power to steal the most valuable thing from you. It’s easy to spot the negative setbacks, but what about those, not so harmful, distractions? The kind that makes you feel like you’re not wasting time when in all reality you actually are. In today’s show, I talk about recognizing those distractions and how to push through.

Talking Points:

Seek true advice. Don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole.
Understand the difference from between legit success and quick failures.

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  1. Great episode Joseph it is so easy to get distracted and we often intentionally get distracted out of fear of doing the hard work. A while back I wrote a blog post on a quote by Jon Maxwell, “Someday is not a day.” – I fell into the trap of living for someday – someday when I have more time, money, experience etc. It was a distraction from taking action each day.

    • Love this! Yes, I have also fallen for the “someday” mentality. It’s very scary to know that you can truly keep waiting until it’s too late to actually do anything toward your goal. It’s easy to think we are doing something that will benefit us when in reality it’s just slowly taking away the time we have. I really struggle with this myself. I got distracted yesterday and finally realized what was happening. I’ve focused again now, but it’s an uphill battle for me for sure! lol I’m glad you enjoyed the show and am glad you discovered the trap but are now moving forward. I hope you have an awesome day and as always Stay Magical!

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