Don’t Let Fear Stop You With Jennifer – Talk About The Magic Ep. #166

In today’s episode, we talk with a new shop owner Jennifer. We talk about the challenges that come with opening a new shop and how much her mindset has changed since opening.

Here are some more details about our guest today.

jennifer clearly magic

I am a 32-year-old Disney loving wife.

Our first vacation together was to DLR, 4 months later, we got engaged at WDW

during Wishes and that was the true beginning of an obsession with all things



I have always wanted to use my crafting skills in a Disney direction.

However, I knew I wanted to have a product that no one else had. I was

searching on Pinterest for a pair of ears to buy for our upcoming trip, and I

couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to make them! I knew I wanted

them to be clear and filled with glitter… the picture in my head was basically a

pair of Flower and Garden themed snow globes on a headband! So I sat down

So I sat down and brainstormed, went to the craft stores about a billion times… and came up

with my #clearears design! I’m learning and growing with every pair of ears I

make, and loving the process!


Nothing makes me as happy as sitting down and

having the idea in my head become an actual creation that someone can enjoy in

my favorite place in the whole world!


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