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So you’re ready to start a blog, podcast, or a youtube channel? Maybe you’re just looking to get more eyes on your social media accounts. I know exactly how daunting getting started can feel like. I myself felt those same fears and doubts when I first began.

There is something that is so powerful when you have someone by your side who can guide you past those doubts and worries and help with ideas and suggestions. I personally believe each one of us has a story to tell and by sharing our story we can potentially help others in their own journey.



(I’m the one on the left.)

My name is Joseph Ballesteros and I have been in the online field for 5 years and counting. I started with YouTube and have since focused my time on this site and my podcast. If you are new to the internet and social media world, I want to help you achieve any goals you may have and also give you the confidence to carry on for years to come. I have personally poured my time and money educating myself with books, one on one training with YouTube-certified audience growth experts, as well as social media experts. On the TalkTheMagic twitter account, I have grown the account to over 8,200 engaged users with continual growth and have a combined view count of 357,377 on YouTube. I want to personally help you with any issues you are having with your own brand.



While I am confident with helping anyone within the online world. I want to especially help those who are in the beginning stages. Maybe you are new to the online world and have questions like:

“What’s the difference between Facebook Boost and Facebook Ads Manager?”

“Which is better Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?”

“Where should I host my Podcast?”

“Should I pay to promote myself?”

“How do I get more Followers on Twitter?”

“How do I get more YouTube subscribers/views?”

“How do I create a website?”

Pretty much any type of beginner question you can think of, I want to help you with.

How can I help?


I will talk with you one on one to offer ideas and solutions to any problem you may be having. I will also record each consultation and send it to you for free so you will always be able to review the video and continue to grow from it.

The price for a one-hour consultation is $87. Prior to our meeting, I will work to find the solution to the particular problem you are having so that once the call starts we get straight to business.


One More Thing….puppies!


Ok, sorry puppies are great, but not what I was going to write about.

I’m available to give you a FREE 15-minute consultation of any of your social media accounts you are having the most trouble with. Did I mention that the consultation is FREE? Just fill out the form below, pick which best time works for you, and I’ll give suggestions and solutions for improved engagement.

Send me an email to up your FREE 15-Minute consultation now:

I look forward to helping you work toward your goals. As always, Stay Magical