Will Smith Will Play the Genie in Aladdin

Will Smith Aladdin

The Blue Genie in Aladdin to be Played by Will Smith…

In case you were not aware D23 has just finished up and the amount of news that has come from the company of Disney has truly been more than I can type. With so much coming out, however, I feel like there was some important news that was quickly passed by.

Disney has started a trend of releasing remakes of many of their beloved animated films and live action films. One film I was very interested in when it was announced was the reimagining of Aladdin.

There have been many rumors at the style of film Disney will be releasing as well as the liberties it will take with one of its greatest animated films. With their recent announcement, however, I feel they have shared that they plan to keep a certain aspect alive in their live action remake. That aspect is humor.

Disney has announced the cast for the upcoming Aladdin film and has cast Will Smith as the Genie.

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Will Smith has proven that he can play a serious character as well hit any comedic points. This will be very important as the freedoms in animation are much more forgiving than in a live action film.

For anyone who is a fan of Disney’s Aladdin the casting of Will Smith should be exciting to you and let you know that Disney cares when it comes to such a treasured film. It is almost guaranteed that anyone who would play the genie would be compared to the late Robin Williams. I think Will Smith will be up for the challenge.

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