Three Disney Game Apps To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

It's just past the middle of October and I have my AC full blast because it's currently 99 degrees where I live. This is not the weather that Halloween is supposed to have. 

I've seen the movies. I should be wearing at least a light sweater, while walking on orange leaves, and drinking some type of warm beverage. Instead I'm drinking a cold bottled water wondering what to do with my lawn that's dead from the heat. So, to help me get in the fun of this holiday I rely on some fun Disney Game Apps that help me feel like Halloween is here! 

(Be sure to read until the end. I'm going to share what I use to get free gift cards so I can buy as many in game items as I want!)

The first app I use, is one that is quick and fun. It also rewards you with emoji's. It's called Emoji Blitz.

While this game has been out for some time. This latest update makes it feel like new. With updated daily challenges it's easy for you to get into this app and feel Halloween Disney satisfied for some time.

The next game app that's helped with my halloween itch is Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. 

Now this game is one that you'll want a little more time to use. It's a wonderful RPG game that is easy to get lost a good way. The visuals are some of the most stunning graphics I've ever seen on a smart device.

You won't be able to unlock the halloween costumes until you are at Level 90. No need worry though, you level up very fast in this game so you should be at Level 90 in no time!

The final app is one that has become extremely popular and it's called Disney Magic Kingdoms.

Now this game has brought me the most Disney joy so far from any game that I've ever played! There are so many good things about this game. From the way the characters interact with each other to the amazing soundtrack. Disney Magic Kingdoms is a game full of Disney magic. We're talking Halloween though, so let's look at what they've added in their recent update.

That's right! The Nightmare Before Christmas, I mean how much more Halloween can you get? Jack, Zero, Sally, and Oogie Boogie all make an appearance in the latest update. You can bet I am on a mission to collect them all! Not only have they added these fun characters, they also allow you to place costumes on some of your favorite pals.

So these were my top choices. Again, I know there are so many other Disney games out there so please feel free to comment below and let me know some of your favorite.

Now I know you might be thinking, "How on earth can you afford playing these games? They sometimes ask for real money!" Keep in mind that these games are free but yes, you are given the option to purchase items. If you are one of those people who likes to get items, level up, or unlock chests really fast, it can get kind of expensive. It's hard for me to justify spending my hard earned money when there's Starbucks to be had! So now it's time to tell you about this cool trick I use to get gift cards for free!  I have been using an amazing tool called FREE MY APPS.

This company is for Android and iOS and whenever you try an app you get rewarded for it. Every app you try will reward you with a certain amount of points that you will then be able to exchange for a real gift card. Here's an example of what it looks like.

So this is an option I use to avoid having to pay for all the extra goodies with my real money. If you'd like to try Free My Apps please consider using my link HERE. It will help me at no cost to you. Thanks for taking the time read this post. I really hope these apps will bring a smile to your face, happy playing!

Is there an Disney game app you feel deserves to be on this list? I love finding out about new Disney games. Please be sure to post your thoughts in the comments below. As always Stay Magical!


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