Nothing Beats a Disney Fall | How Do You Enjoy Fall?

Disney fall

Fall is just around the corner and for many people, this time of year is the perfect time of year. While there are many ways to enjoy Fall, for myself and I’m sure for many other Disney fans out there, there’s nothing that beats a Disney fall.

Disney Fall

Here are some of the ways I enjoy Fall with my family. I enjoy getting a pumpkin spice anything from Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and even McDonald’s. My wife makes our house smell like we just walked into a Crackle Barrel which is fantastic. Even my dog seems to like me a little more. We love to go to the corn mazes and pumpkin patches, and surprisingly fall is also a perfect time to fish here in Texas. Still, here are a couple of things I like to do to bring a little more magic to my Fall.

Disney Fall
 For myself, one of my favorite things to do is just to leave the Disney Channel on all day where you get fun films like Halloweentown, Twitches, and of course probably one of the most cult classic films of all time, Hocus Pocus. Unfortunately, I don’t live near the parks currently so I miss out on a lot of the things that the parks have to offer during this time of year. That doesn’t mean I can’t make some of the Disney magic happen where I’m at. Even though I have yet to go to the Boo-To-You-Parade I will purchase a shirt because it makes me feel like I at least I got to enjoy a little bit of it. Is that weird? I’m not sure 🤔 lol

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I’d love to know what you do to help bring some of the Disney magic to your home this time of year. Let me know in the comments below. Have a great night, day, weekend or whenever you’re reading this and as always stay magical

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