It’s Not Just About The Mouse | An idea of why so many people love Walt Disney World

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Disney World has meant so much to so many people. For some, it means the ultimate in food, rides, and entertainment. For others, it’s truly an escape from their day-to-day life. And while Disney can mean so many things to so many people there’s one thing I believe that truly makes it stand out from any other theme park and potentially even location you visit is the way it creates a true and unique magical memory.

Some places offer a location while others offer a unique dining experience. It’s rare to find a place that can match almost anything in this world and contain it all in just a couple of parks. Disney World has compelled many people to pack up their things and move just so they could be closer to the park and I truly believe it’s not because they want to get on Space Mountain, but because the feelings they get from the memories they create are so amazing that it’s worth leaving what they’ve known all their life just to experience more of that magic.

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