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Mems of Emms

You can find more information here: Email: You can listen to Emily’s show here: Sharing is

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Set A Deadline For Your Goal

Set A Deadline For Your Goal

Welcome to Talk About The Magic. A Walt Disney inspired podcast focused on encouraging you. While deadlines are very important, it’s easy to assume once you reach the deadline it’s time to

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episode 194

Seeing What May Not Be There Yet

In today’s Disney inspired podcast we will talk about the importance of seeing what may not be there…yet. It’s important to picture what your end result will look like. Whenever you

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It's Time to Build your Disneyland

It’s Time to Build your Disneyland

Don’t let others break your ideas down. Let them think of you as a dreamer and prove you can make those dreams into a reality. Quotes for this week: “I could never convince the financiers that

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Episode 192

More Money Equals More Happiness?

In this world, it’s easy for our focus to be money. The more we get the easier our life will become. At least that’s how many of us see it. In today’s show, we’ll talk about the

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Being Cautious Doesn't Mean Being Scared

Being Cautious Doesn’t Mean Being Scared

Welcome to Talk About The Magic, a podcast sharing Disney Inspiration and more. Being aware of potential setbacks isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s good to be prepared for any goal you’re

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drown out the noise

Drowning Out The Noise

You’ve learned to appreciate the setbacks, you’ve learned to keep moving forward, and now it’s time to drown out the noise of anyone who tries to tell you it can’t be done.   Quotes

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moving forward

Moving Forward

After getting knocked down a couple of times it’s easy to feel like you should just quit. As hard as it is it’s important to dust ourselves off and learn from our setback and keep moving forward.

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Appreciate the Setbacks

When preparing to accomplish any goal you can almost guarantee there will be setbacks. These setbacks can come from yourself, another person, or something completely out of your control. With each trial

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