Welcome to the Talk About The Magic podcast. My name is Joseph and I have been podcasting since early 2015. Talk About The Magic actually started out as Disney Magic News.

The main purpose was to discuss all the latest news regarding anything Disney. Even though I was enjoying the show every week, I could feel that something wasn’t right. After taking many courses in marketing and media, I was on the verge of giving up.  I stumbled upon a podcast many in the Disney community know. It was called WDW Radio with Lou Mongello.

I was surprised to learn that Lou was doing what he loved for a living. The more I listened the more I regained my confidence in thinking that I truly loved podcasting and that I was meant to do it. I still felt a nagging feeling that although this is was what I was meant to do, I wasn’t doing it in the right way.

I started looking for mastermind groups, forums, and anywhere else I could get help. It was until I was scrolling through the WDW RADIO site that I noticed Lou actually also taught a course. I was determined that if this course couldn’t help me then I would just call it quits.

Taking the course was the single greatest investment I ever spent on myself. It was 100% worth it.

Lou and the others help to shape the show you hear today.

The main goal of Talk About The Magic is simple: To Inspire the Go-Getter and the Disneypreneur in You.

This podcast is devoted to helping you take your passion or goal and understand the importance of working toward it. It is very important to know that this is no longer just a podcast about Disney. Many of the listeners of this show are not even fans of Disney. However, each listener tunes in weekly because they find entertainment, encouragement, and inspiration as I share what I’m experiencing in my own journey of pursuing my passion in hopes that it will help and inspire you.

If you’d like help on your own journey and would like to work with me one on one. Feel free to get more information on the consulting page or click here ? http://www.talkaboutthemagic.com/consulting/

I hope you have a blessed and wonderful rest of your day. Thank you for taking the time to read about the show. As always, Stay Magical!

– Joseph


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  1. Hi. I was just wondering did frank welker do all the roars in the original lion king. I saw the video and it said he did, but other places say they used tiger roars. I’m a bit confused about that. I think he did but I just want to make sure.

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